what to expect, while you’re expecting /Jamie’s Rescue guide to the first few days with your RESCUE

All new dog families need to understand our puppies and dogs are coming from an acre of land with other dogs where they are used to constant play, food, and attention. It is important to realize there is an adjustment period for every dog. Dogs can react to the change in many ways one very common reaction is an upset stomach, at Jamie’s Rescue the dogs are given organic grain free dry food (life’s abundance), puppies usually get water mixed with there food to make it soft. We recommend Wellness puppy food. If you do not go to a pet shop and the grocery store is your option then we recommend Rachael Ray food. The food you feed your dog is extremely important and how often. For puppies they need to eat every few hours, we recommend 4 times a day. The older dogs we recommend 3 times a day. If you notice blood in the stool or consistent diarrhea call the rescue immediately at 305-409-8442. We have vets we work with around the clock. If you are from outside the Miami/ Ft Lauderdale area take your dog to the vet if you suspect something is not right. DO NOT WAIT. Jamie’s Rescue prides itself on not only being a middle person between the dogs on the streets and the families we create, but also a constant connection for you the dog owner. Feel free to reach out, send pics, updates, and become part of the growing family that is Jamie’s Rescue. Thank you to everyone who chooses to adopt and thank you for being a concerned and responsible pet owner! #itmatters #jamiesrescue

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